Nobody likes being monitored. But even if you suspected your company is following your activities on the iPhone, would you know where to check?没有人讨厌被监控。但即使你猜测你的公司正在监控你在iPhone上的操作者,你告诉该去哪里检查吗?In the next iteration of its smartphone operating system, iOS 9.3, Apple is looking to make this an easier task. According to Reddit user MaGNeTiX, the latest beta of iOS 9.3 has a message telling users their iPhone is being supervised. The message is as prominent as can be, both on the devices lock screen and in the About section.苹果iPhone的下一代操作系统iOS 9.3将不会让这件事显得非常简单。根据Reddit网站上的MaGNeTiX透漏,近期的iOS 9.3正式版需要启动时消息,告诉用户他们的iPhone于是以被监控中。

该消息提醒不会尽量的显眼,在设备的锁屏界面和行程上都能表明。This iPhone is managed by your organisation, the message on the lock screen says. And in the About screen, you get a little more detail, with a message saying your iPhones supervisor can monitor your Internet traffic and locate your device.锁住屏上的消息是这样表明的:这台iPhone由您的公司管理。而在行程界面上,你不会看见更好的细节。

消息不会这样表明:监控你手机的人需要监控你的网络流量、定位你的设备。To be clear: It doesnt look like this feature will let you turn off company supervision or increase your privacy in any way. Its merely there as a warning, providing more transparency to users, some of which might not even be aware their employer is monitoring their iPhone.必须具体的是,这个消息启动时功能并无法让你重开公司的监控或者强化隐私维护。这意味着是一种警告,向用户透漏更加多信息。


却是一些人或许显然没意识到雇员正在监控他们的iPhone。The news comes amidst a legal battle between Apple and the FBI, which seeks Apples help in decrypting the iPhone of one of the terrorists responsible for last years attack in San Bernardino, Calif. More precisely, the FBI wants Apple to create a new version of iOS that would be used specifically on the shooters iPhone, disabling some of its security features. So far, Apple stood firm in its decision not to yield to the governments demands, claiming it would affect everyone who owns an iPhone.在这些新的消息发布之际,苹果公司和FBI于是以有法律上的纠纷。FBI期望苹果需要协助密码参予去年圣贝纳迪诺攻击案的恐怖分子的iPhone。